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# Due to the holidays we will only have limited staff available as we spend well deserved time with friends and families. You may experience longer response times. Our live chat will not be available between December 19-30.

Finding your favorite Classic features in Prezi Present

We’re excited to show you Prezi Present, our new presentation editor that lets you edit your Classic presentations without Adobe Flash. As Adobe has decided to stop supporting Flash, products that were built on Flash, like Prezi Classic, will no longer function after 2020. 

In anticipation of this and the millions of presentations out there, we’ve taken the best of our two editors - Prezi Next and Prezi Classic - to provide you with a new experience in Prezi Present.

Don't worry, your Classic presentations are safe — nothing will happen to them. You will still be able to access, view, and present and edit your Classic presentations vis Prezi Present. 

Prezi Present includes most of the Prezi Classic features you know and love, together with a few extra functionalities you'll hopefully find useful. Here's a list of your favorite Classic features and where you can locate them in Prezi Present.

Path editing

The path steps of your presentation are listed in the left sidebar in the Prezi Present editor. Each topic, subtopic and page is listed as a separate path step, as well as additional zoom animations included in the presentation path. If you'd like to add an object other than a topic, subtopic or page to the path, you also need to add a zoom area or a zoom to animation to it. You can reorder the steps by dragging the frames in the left sidebar, just as in Classic.

You can also set a custom starting point if you'd like to include a big reveal and start the presentation zoomed on a frame, and only then reveal the overview. Click the three dots on the frame's thumbnail and choose Set custom starting point. Then, click the arrow next to the Topic button and add a Zoom out to overview animation after the starting frame. When using topics and subtopics, you can also change the default path settings at the bottom of the left sidebar.

To add default path settings for your topics and subtopics, use the Path settings button at the bottom of the left sidebar and determine whether you want to zoom out to the overview between each topic or zoom back to the parent topic between presenting the content in subtopics. 


Adding frames

While in the Prezi Classic editor you added frames to the canvas as separate steps of the presentation path, in the Prezi Present editor you have zoom areas that act the same way as frames used to in Prezi Classic. You can add zoom areas two separate ways to the canvas: either from the animations sidebar or by clicking the arrow next to the Topic button in the left sidebar. Zoom areas will then be added to the left sidebar to your presentation timeline as separate path steps. 

Pro Tip: When converting and editing a Prezi Classic presentation in Prezi Present, you will see the Zoom area as a default option at the top of the left sidebar. When creating a presentation from scratch, Topic will be the default option but you can still select the zoom area from the dropdown menu.



In Prezi Present, you can animate any object on the canvas. You can use 'zoom areas' to zoom on a selected area of the screen or add a 'zoom out to overview' animation from the left sidebar, the 'zoom to' animation to zoom on a specific object or use the fade in and fade out animations on an object/group of objects. Click on an object on the canvas and then go to the animation icon in the context toolbar at the top to open the animations sidebar and select the animation you'd like to use from there or drag it on the canvas. All the animations added will be listed in the left sidebar where you can move or delete them from the presentation path.



We brought over some of the most popular Classic templates to Prezi Present where you just have to add your content to create a presentation that looks exactly as if it was created in Prezi Classic. You from can find these in a separate category in the template chooser. However, it is also possible to create a Classic-style presentation from scratch - here's our guide!

Image editing and cropping

You can add image files to your presentation by uploading them from your computer or Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive account or browsing the Unsplash image library. What's more, you can also crop and customize the image via the image editor. Select the image and chose the Crop image icon from the context toolbar or click the Advanced image editing icon to apply an effect, mirror the image etc.


Audio and background music

You can add a background track for the entire presentation or audio clips for specific steps. Click the three dots on a frame in the left sidebar and choose Edit sound to open the audio sidebar. Upload your audio to either play throughout when presenting the given presentation step or throughout the entire presentation.

Please note: Background music/narration can only be added from the overview.



You can choose from a variety of subtopic and content layouts to arrange your objects on the canvas and make your presentation aesthetically pleasing. Zoom into a topic and click Layout in the top toolbar to open the layout sidebar. From here, you can select a predesigned content layout to rearrange the content already added to the topic/subtopic or to add placeholders to the canvas where you can add your content later. From the Subtopic tab, you can rearrange your subtopics already added to a given topic. 


PDF and PPT import

You can add your favorite PowerPoint slides or PDF files easily from the Insert menu. 


Pro Tip: You can also export your presentation as a PDF file. From the Prezi Present dashboard, click the three dots on the presentation thumbnail and select Export PDF to download your presentation in PDF format.


You can save the most memorable and frequently used elements of your presentation to your own personal Prezi library to reuse anytime. Select the item(s) you want to save. Once you select one or more items, the library icon in the top toolbar will become active. Click this button to add the selected item(s) to your own library. To reuse any object from your library, click the Insert button at the top of your screen, then select My library. This will open the sidebar, where you can browse through your saved elements by category or view them all at once. You can then insert your favorite content by clicking on it or by dragging and dropping it onto the canvas. 


Please note: Items saved to your Favorites in the Prezi Classic editor currently cannot be accessed from Prezi Present, however, you can save any object from a converted Classic presentation to your Library to reuse later.


Zooming on the canvas

In the Prezi Classic editor, you used the + and - icons to zoom in and out on the canvas or on certain objects. Don't worry, you can do the same in Prezi Present! Zoom in and out on the canvas simply by scrolling with your mouse or touchpad or select a specific object on the canvas to zoom in on it. Please note that when selecting a topic, you'll zoom into it by scrolling. Similarly, when you're inside a topic, you can scroll backwards to return to the overview. 


Adding collaborators

You can invite others to collaborate on your presentation with different access right. By choosing Can edit, collaborators can edit, view and comment on your presentation, Can view only lets them to view and present it while Can comment also allows them to add comments to the presentation besides viewing it. You can add collaborators from the editor by clicking Share in the top toolbar and selecting Collaborate or clicking the three dots in the presentation thumbnail from the Prezi Present dashboard and selecting Add collaborators.



You have the option to add your own company logo to your presentation in case you are creating branded content (paid feature). Open the watermark sidebar by clicking Insert in the top toolbar, then selecting Watermark. From here, you can remove the Prezi watermark and upload your own company logo (and even add a hyperlink to it). 



Apart from the default fonts available in Prezi, you can also browse a vast collection of Google fonts to find the one that best matches your presentation. When editing a text box, click More fonts at the bottom of the dropdown list to browse the extended collection based on font type, script, or by name and tick the box next to its name to add it to your default font list. You can then go back to the dropdown list to select and use the font you just added from Google Fonts.



Data has never looked so good before! Select one of our pre-designed charts, powered by Infogram, from the Charts sidebar. Once it's added to the canvas, right-click on the chart and select Edit chart to add your own values and to customize it with only a few clicks. 


Home button

When editing a topic or subtopic, you can use the 'zoom out' icon at the right side of the editor to go back one level in the structure of your presentation or use the 'home' button to zoom out directly to the overview. You can also find and use the same buttons at the top of the left sidebar. 


Aspect ratio

Similarly to Prezi Classic, you can also change the aspect ratio of your presentation in Prezi Present. Under Style in the top toolbar, click Background and change the aspect ratio at the bottom of the background sidebar. 



For editing and presenting shortcuts in Prezi Present, please check this article.

In addition to your favorite Classic features, we also have several new functionalities that hopefully you'll find useful. Explore the new Prezi Present editor and try building a presentation with topics and subtopics to give depth and structure to your content, add beautifully designed and ready-to-use story blocks from the Insert menu, use presenter notes to help you deliver an impressive presentation with maximum confidence or convert your presentation to a video in only a few steps!


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