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# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

Sharing live reactions and on-screen responses while presenting in a video call

Don’t let your virtual meetings become one-directional and speaker-focused! With the help of Prezi Video, all participants can simply drop their text and content that will appear right next to them on the screen if they have a reaction to something that was mentioned without having to unmute their microphones and you can also react to their questions and remarks with some text or a well-chosen GIF appearing on the screen. 

Connecting your video conferencing tool with Prezi Video

Streaming yourself and your content from the Prezi Video desktop application is very easy with all popular video conferencing and streaming tools. 

1. Open the Prezi Video desktop app and prepare your content.

2. When your content is good to go, open your conferencing tool and select Prezi Camera from the camera list. 

3. The desktop app will automatically connect to any supported tool and your video conferencing tool will show you and your content, as seen in the Prezi Video application.


Live reactions in a video conference

1. When in the meeting, have the video conferencing window and the Prezi Video app open next to each other.

2. If you want to react to something without speaking up, simply add your text from the right sidebar of the app.

3. You can also add a visual by either uploading it from your computer or selecting one from our image, icon, GIF and sticker libraries. Just click on the image icon in the slide thumbnail to select your visual. 


Pro Tip: You don't have to remove the text and visual you might have already added previously if you want to add a different reaction throughout the meeting. Simply add a new slide by clicking the + icon in the top left corner of the app to start with a clean slate.


Live editing your content 

If you're the one presenting in a video conference, you can also make some quick last-minute updates to your content, even while talking to your audience. With your video content open in the Prezi Video app, simply edit your text, replace your visual or add an extra slide. Your audience will see these updates in real-time too. 


If you want to stop streaming from the Prezi Video app, simply go back to the video conferencing tool and switch back to the default camera to stop sharing your content. 

To learn more about live streaming from Prezi Video with different video conferencing tools, check out this article!



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