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Introducing the Top menu bar in Prezi Present

Prezi’s newest major UI update has been built from the ground up to streamline the interface and make it easier to do what you want to. Functions such as sharing, presenting, and editing have been redesigned to make Prezi Present as intuitive and easy as possible. All in the name of getting you editing and presenting more quickly.

Let’s explore the fundamental changes and improvements introduced in the newest UI update. From a more intuitive top menu to enhanced settings and reduced clutter, we're confident that these updates will significantly improve your editing experience.

An overview of what’s changed

As part of the redesign, many of the options from the old Top menu bar have been moved. Some of the notable changes include:

  • Animations and presenter notes are now under the More button. You can also add animations using the detached property bar that appears when you select an object.
  • Topic layouts and shapes are now under the Style button. This is also where you can change your presentation’s colors, text style, and more.
  • Insert content directly from the Top menu bar. The previous Insert button is gone – now, you simply click on the asset type you want to insert to get started. We cover this in more detail in the following section.
  • Simplified Share and Present buttons. Find all your options to present and preview under the Present button, and easily share your presentation in a variety of ways found under the Share button.
  • The property bar has a new look. Editing selected objects is also easier and quicker.

New highly-requested features are here. Quality of life changes like hyperlinks, content locking, and image background removal all come together to make presentation creation even better.



Inserting content from the Top menu bar

You can now insert objects directly from the Top menu bar. To do so:

  1. Click on the asset type you wish to insert, such as Media.
  2. Select the specific asset to insert, such as Image. If you’re inserting Text, you don’t have to do this step.
  3. This will open the sidebar where you can choose the asset.

Some options, such as animations, have been moved to the More button on the Top menu bar. Inserting options from the More button follows the same process outlined above.


Sharing from the Top menu bar

The Share button has been simplified to include all the ways you can share your presentations. It has been moved to the top left corner of the Top menu bar and includes:

  • Get link – Generate a view link to share your presentation with anyone.
  • Export to PDF – Create and download a PDF file of your presentation. 
  • Share broadcast link – Create a live link you can share with your audience where they can follow along with you as you present.

Collaborate – Invite people to work on your presentation with you.


Presenting from the Top menu bar

The Present button now houses all the ways you can present your work. Simply left click on it to open your options, which include:

  • Start Presentation – Present your presentation.
  • Presenter view – Open a view of your presentation with a timer, presenter notes, and timeline available.

Record as Video – Open Prezi Video to create a video recording of you presenting your work.


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