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# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

AI Products Terms of Service FAQ

About Prezi AI


What kinds of AI features does Prezi offer?

In October 2023, Prezi will introduce Prezi AI, a suite of tools that help you refine, enhance and customize your presentation quicker than ever. Among the earliest features will be those that help you optimize the text you include in your presentation - ensuring your ideas are expressed clearly, and concisely for readability on screen. Another early feature will help transform your text into a visual story best suited to Prezi’s distinctive format - making it simpler for you to use movement to reveal your story.

How can I access Prezi AI?

Initially these features will be available as Beta features, meaning they are subject to rapid change and even removal from the platform as we learn more about how customers find value in them.  Some AI features will be rolled out to users on a limited basis (for example, in English only, or in certain regions) while we are developing them.

Prezi AI features can be accessed in context in the editor while you are creating your content. For example, to access Prezi AI’s text optimization feature, select your text box, and choose Ask AI from the text property bar.

How can I provide feedback about AI features on Prezi?

Thanks for asking! We’d love to know about your experience using Prezi AI. As we’re working on Prezi AI, you’ll see a few different feedback options including in app surveys, emails, feedback buttons, etc. We can’t wait to hear from you.

How will my information be used?

Prezi works with third party providers such as OpenAI  to power our AI features. Only the information you choose to provide during use of AI features will be sent to these providers. Our inclusion of AI features are specifically designed to aid you in developing content expeditiously and on point.  We maintain full transparency, consistent with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service about how we use the information you choose to provide and we apply the same data protection measures that we provide to secure all of your personal information.


Data usage


Will my data be used to train AI models?

No. Our agreement with OpenAI prohibits them from using Prezi customer data to train AI models. Information you send to OpenAI through the use of Prezi AI tools will not be used to improve OpenAI’s algorithms.

Can I opt out of AI Features?

Currently, there’s no option to turn off Prezi’s AI features. Prezi AI is only active when you choose to initiate it, so you are in complete control. 

Where can I read more about Prezi’s AI Terms of Service?

Prezi’s AI Terms of Use will be updated regularly as our features evolve. You can find the most recent version here.


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