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Getting to know the Prezi Present editor

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The Prezi Present editor is where you can build, share and present your presentation. All of its elements are intuitively designed for ease in creation and collaboration. Here's our quick start guide to the Prezi Present editor and its main components. Happy editing! 

Top toolbar

The top toolbar is where you can build and customize your presentation. From here, you can access additional options in the hamburger menu, change the title, and add/customize your content. It is also where you can present, share, and collaborate or turn your presentation into a video. 

From the hamburger menu in the top left corner, you can start a new presentation, go back to the dashboard, save your work, copy, paste or search for elements within the presentation.

From the Style menu, you can update your background image, change the shape and layout of your topics and subtopics, set a color theme or update the text style throughout your presentation. By clicking Insert, you can add content to your presentation, including text, images, charts, video etc.  Under Share, you'll find different sharing options, such as going to Present mode,  creating a view link or inviting other users to collaborate. 

Use the Create video button to convert your presentation into a video with Prezi Video and click Present to open the presentation in Present mode. 


Context toolbar

This toolbar changes depending on what you are editing in your presentation. You can use it to format text, edit the style and color of objects on your canvas, and add animations. The context menu (right-clicking on an object on the canvas) also changes depending on the type of content you selected.


Left sidebar

The left sidebar allows you to add topics, subtopics and animations and to see+edit the step by step structure of your presentation. It provides a preview of the order your content and animations will appear and automatically changes to show where you are in your presentation's structure.

From here you can click on a thumbnail to navigate to specific content, or click and drag to reorder your topics and subtopics. You can also add or remove animations, audio or presenter notes to a given frame and change the path settings at the bottom of the sidebar. 


Home and zoom out buttons

When editing a topic or subtopic, you can use the 'zoom out' icon at the right side of the editor to go back one level in the structure of your presentation or use the 'home' button to zoom out directly to the overview. You can also find and use the same buttons at the top of the left sidebar. 


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