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Prezi Present FAQ

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What browser can I use?

For editing: Prezi Present presentations can currently be edited on a Windows or Mac computer using Chrome, Firefox 64 bit, Edge, and Safari. If using your phone or tablet, our Prezi Viewer app is optimized to view, present, and share presentations on Android and iOS devices but currently does not support editing.

For viewing: Presentations are best viewed with the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

What are the requirements for using the desktop app?

Users with a Prezi Plus, or higher, license type can download and install the Prezi Present desktop app. To read about the system requirements for using the desktop app, click here.

What happens if I go offline?

If you lose your connection, all of your changes will be saved locally and synced with your account when you go back online. You’ll also get a message letting you know you’re offline.

Can I transfer Prezi Classic presentations to Prezi Present?

Prezi Classic and Prezi Present are two different products built on different technologies — Prezi Present runs on the HTML while Prezi Classic was built on Adobe Flash, which technology is being discontinued at the end of 2020. In anticipation of this and the millions of presentations out there, we've brought over the best of our two editors, Prezi Next and Prezi Classic, to provide you with a new experience in Prezi Present. You will still be able to access, view, and present all your existing Prezi Classic presentations after Flash is discontinued, through your Prezi Present dashboard. If you want to edit your Classic presentations, you can simply convert and open them in the Prezi Present editor with only one click.

Creating your presentation

What files are supported?

You can find a complete list of supported files here.

If I import my PPT, can I add only certain images or parts of a slide to my presentation?

No, currently you can add only the slide. Of course if you have that specific image on your computer, you can upload just the image.

Can I change preset fonts and colors to match my brand?

Yes. Each template comes with preset fonts and colors. You can change these colors to match your company brand or a particular theme. If you’d like to save your edits as the presets, simply right-click to select the object. Then change its properties using the context toolbar and select Update style preset in the context menu.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts I should know about?

Yes. We have shortcuts for editing and presenting. Check out this article.


Who can I collaborate with?

Anyone with a Prezi license. A user with any other license is unable to collaborate on a presentation made in Prezi Present.


The commenting feature is available for teams with a Prezi Business license. If you'd like to learn how your team can use Prezi Business, click here. You can also check out this article to learn more about the commenting feature.


What’s the best way to share my presentation?

That all depends on your needs. You can send a simple view link, or if you want to get analytical data, send a tracking link. Another great option is to export your presentation in what we like to call a “portable prezi.” You can then send it out or save it on a USB. This is a great option if you plan on speaking at a conference. Check out this article to see more info on all the ways you can share a presentation with Prezi Present.

Can I control who looks at my presentation?

Yes. You can choose to make your presentation viewable by anyone on the web or limit it to only collaborators and clients. Learn more here.

Can I embed my presentation?

Of course. Just copy (CTRL/CMD + C) and paste (CTRL/CMD + V) this code:

<iframe width="550" height="400" src="your_view_link/embed" webkitallowfullscreen="1" 
mozallowfullscreen="1" allowfullscreen="1"> </iframe>

Live Prezi

Absolutely, you can read all about sharing and changing your Live Prezi link with this article.

You can add an access code to your Live Prezi presentation and change it every time you give a new presentation. You can also change your link.

Prezi Analytics

I shared my presentation with only one viewer. Why does it show there are two viewers?

The number of viewers are measured according to the number of devices used to view your presentation. If the person you shared your presentation with looks at your presentation on both a mobile and a computer, the view number will be two.

Can I check if a client has opened the presentation I shared?

Yes, as long as you share a presentation using a tracking link. To do so, create a link using Prezi Analytics.

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