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Editing topics, subtopics, and pages

Topics and subtopics help you organize your information to support you tell your story.

A great way to begin is by preparing 3-5 main points of what you’d like to cover in your presentation. These will help you decide how many topics you’ll need. At this time you can also decide what supporting details you’d like to put in your subtopics, which are revealed once you click on a topic.

Pro Tip: Do a quick sketch of how you want to structure your presentation to better support the flow of your conversation.

Prezi Next templates come ready with a topic and subtopic structure. You can learn how to add, delete, and reorder topics and subtopics with this article.

Editing a topic’s presets

The preset colors of a topic cover or subtopic cover change according to the template you choose.

1. Click on a topic or subtopic to bring up the context toolbar.

2. Select Presets and choose the preset color you’d like your topic to be.

3. Click anywhere on the canvas to close the preset pop-up.

4. Once you change a cover preset, it will appear in the new preset color anytime you add a new topic or subtopic,.

Adjusting size

You can adjust the size by clicking on a topic and dragging one of the corners in our out.

Hold down the CTRL key (ALT in Mac) while resizing an object to adjust its size from the center.

Rotating a topic

Click on a topic and hold the ALTGr key (CMD in Mac). Then drag a corner in a diagonal motion to rotate.

Subtopic structure (aligned vs. personalized)

There are two options for the structure and layout of planet subtopics on your canvas.


An aligned structure positions subtopics in a linear fashion. You can adjust the position and direction of this line on your canvas, but cannot separate the subtopics.


This structure allows you to freely place subtopics anywhere on your canvas. Simply click+drag a subtopic to move it. The order subtopics appear when presenting is shown in the left sidebar.

To select the subtopic alignment:

1. Click on a planet subtopic to select it.

2. Click the "Structure type" button in the context toolbar and select either Aligned or Personalized.


Editing the subtopic curve

When you add planet subtopics, they will follow a path around the topic. You can change the position of this curve.

1. Enter a planet topic and add subtopics.

2. Click a subtopic, and you’ll see the curve highlight in yellow.

3. Click on the curve.

4. From here you can drag the endpoint to resize the subtopics and change their position. You can also click on the center point to reverse the curve, or simply move the curve and subtopics to another side of the topic.

Deleting topics, subtopics, and pages

You can delete a topic, subtopic, or page by selecting it in the left sidebar and pressing BACKSPACE/DELETE on your keyboard, or by using right-click (CTRL/CMD+click) and selecting “delete” from the context menu.

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