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Editing topics, subtopics, and pages in Prezi Present

Prezi Present templates come ready with a topic and subtopic structure to help you organize information and tell your story. Topics show your main ideas, while subtopics and pages provide more details as you dive deeper into your Prezi canvas.

You can learn all about structuring your presentation here and see how to add, delete, and reorder topics and subtopics this article.


Rotating a topic

Click on a topic and hold the ALTGr key (CMD in Mac). Then drag a corner in a diagonal motion to rotate.


Structuring subtopics (Subtopic layouts)

There are two ways for you to arrange the structure and layout of your subtopics. 

Subtopic layouts

Save time and quickly create a beautifully aligned structure by selecting a pre-designed subtopic layout.

To choose a subtopic layout:

  1. Click the Style button at the top of your screen.

  2. Click the three dots (...) next to Shape & Layout to open the sidebar.

  3. From the sidebar, click to select a layout. Choose from the recommended layouts on the top, or scroll through to find one that fits your needs. 

  4. Sit back and watch as the subtopics automatically rearrange right on the canvas.



Did you know? You can also customize the shape of your topics and subtopics from the same sidebar. To learn more, check out our article on changing the shape of topics and subtopics.

Custom structure

You can freely move subtopics anywhere on your canvas by simply dragging and dropping them into place. 


Deleting topics, subtopics, and pages

You can delete a topic, subtopic, or page by selecting it in the left sidebar and pressing BACKSPACE/DELETE on your keyboard, or by using right-click (CTRL/CMD+click) and selecting “delete” from the context menu.

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