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# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

Presenting with presenter view

Presenter view provides you with a sleek presentation platform for engaging your audience and keeping you on message. This means you can present on the big screen, while having your own view specifically designed for presenting. Get tips from presentation notes, time your progress, and see a preview of upcoming content. You can even use it while giving a Live Prezi presentation. Now that’s next-level presenting.

Paid feature: Presenter view is available for users with a Plus or higher Prezi plan. Luckily it’s a breeze to upgrade your license and get access to this and all the other great features our Prezi plans have to offer.

Getting started with presenter view

There are two ways to open presenter view. From the editor, click the arrow next to the Present button and select “Presenter view”. From the Prezi Present dashboard, click the cogwheel icon on the presentation thumbnail, then select Presenter view from the presenter tools. 


If you are already in presentation mode, simply click "Presenter view" in the bottom right corner of your screen.


The presentation timer automatically starts when opening presenter view. Click the pause/play button to turn the timer off and on. You can enter or exit full screen by clicking the icon in the lower right corner of the window.


Presenting with presenter view

Presenter view shows the place in your presentation that your audience can see and a preview of what’s coming next. Use the left and right arrows at the bottom of your screen or on your keyboard to navigate through your presentation.

Pro Tip: You will need to extend the display of your computer. Using mirroring/duplicating mode will show your notes to the audience as well.


If using two displays, you can click "Switch screen" to alternate between which screen shows the presenter view and the presentation. 

Pro Tip: Navigating in presenter view follows the path of your presentation. Since each display mirrors the other, you can also navigate on your second display to pan or zoom to specific parts of your presentation.

Presenter notes automatically update and display as you navigate through your presentation. To add or edit notes from presenter view, simply click and type in the presenter notes text box.


To learn how to add and view presenter notes online, please check this article.

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