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# Due to high demand, you may experience longer response times.

Presenting with the Logitech Spotlight remote

Conversational presenting? There’s a remote for that. The Logitech Spotlight presentation remote is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the power of Prezi Next. Navigate freely, jump to topics, and guide your audience directly to the content they want to see. Click, click, zoom.

Note: For the optimal presenting experience, we recommend installing and using the Logitech companion app with your Spotlight.

Getting to know the Logitech Spotlight remote

You can connect the Logitech Spotlight remote to your computer via Bluetooth or with the USB receiver. After installing the Logitech Spotlight app, your remote will sync with your computer. The Spotlight remote comes with three buttons for navigating through your presentation.


  • Click and hold to navigate the cursor on your presentation canvas.
  • Click once to enter topics and subtopics, or to zoom in on an object.


  • Click to advance in your presentation.


  • Click to go back in your presentation.
  • Click and hold to zoom out a level (custom).

Presenting with the Logitech Spotlight remote

When presenting, use the spotlight feature to highlight information and guide your audience through your presentation. Simply click and hold the Pointer button to navigate, then click once to enter topics and subtopics.

Use the Next and Back buttons to move through your presentation. You can also customize the Back button with the BACKSPACE key.

To do this, open the Spotlight app and select “HOLD BACK BUTTON” from the list of commands. Then click the blank line at bottom of the menu and press the “BACKSPACE” key. This keyboard shortcut in Prezi Next allows you to quickly zoom out a level and is great for conversational presenting.

Visit the Logitech Spotlight support page for more information and support on using the Spotlight remote.

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