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Inserting a link in Prezi Present

Have something on the Web that you want to share with your audience? Inserting a link into your presentation is as quick and simple as adding text. Once it's in your presentation, simply click on the link while presenting to open it.

  1. Choose the place on your canvas where you want the link to appear.
  2. Click on a textbox to insert your link. If you need to add a new textbox, click T+ in the context toolbar or go to Insert > Text.
  3. Type the full URL starting with http:// or https:// (ex. http://www.prezi.com) into the textbox. You can also copy and paste (right-click or CMD/CTRL+C/V) the link.
  4. When presenting, click on the link to open it in your browser.
Note: URLs with anything other than HTTP or HTTPS protocols (ftp://, mailto:, etc.) will not be converted to links.
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