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Changing language in Prezi

Prezi is available in nine languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Hungarian. You can set a default language to match your computer's operating system or set the language manually.


Simply select your name in the upper right corner of your dashboard, click the arrow next to the selected language and choose another from the dropdown list. By selecting a default language from the Prezi dashboard online, you are also updating the language for all the online editors, including Prezi Present, Prezi Video and Prezi Design. 


Prezi Next desktop app

In the Prezi Next desktop app, click Prezi Next in the top toolbar, then select Preferences and choose a language from the dropdown list in the popup window.  Selecting “System default” will match the language of Prezi Next to that of your computer’s operating system.


Prezi Video dekstop app

Although you cannot update the default language of the Prezi Video desktop application manually, it will always match the system default of your operating system (if it is one of our supported languages). If you update your computer's default language, you'll see the language of the Prezi Video desktop app update as well after restarting your computer and the application. 

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