# From September 18 - September 24, we’ll be closing our live support channels in observance of a company event. You can still submit help requests online, and we’ll answer as quickly as possible.
# From September 18 - September 24, we’ll be closing our live support channels in observance of a company event. You can still submit help requests online, and we’ll answer as quickly as possible.

Using templates in Prezi Present

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Great presentations start with a great plan. That’s why we have a library of customisable templates in Prezi Present that come with a predesigned structure of topics and subtopics to get you started. Choose by category, color, or by scrolling through the library to find the perfect template to make your content effective and memorable.


Choosing a template

To create a new presentation, just click Create from template from your dashboard.

You’ll then see a variety of templates to choose from. Sort by category in the left sidebar to find templates designed for a specific topic. You can also click on a colored dot in the left sidebar to filter templates according to their theme colors.


Click on a template to open a preview, then use the left and right arrows to preview its content and style. Click Use this template to create a new presentation, or close the window to select a different one.


Accessing your team template

To use you team's own branded template, go to My library in the left sidebar and click on it to start editing. 


Video templates

Our video creation tool, Prezi Video enables you to turn any Prezi presentation into a video. We have a variety of templates under Video templates specifically designed for presentations that will be recorded as videos. Video templates are optimized for showing you, the presenter next to your content on screen unlike with traditional screen sharing, so you so you don't have to choose between sharing your screen or showing your face – helping you keep connected and engaged with your audience. These templates work best for use with Prezi Video, where you can record a video presentation or share it live in your video conferencing app of choice. However, you can also turn your presentation into a video or add narration to it even if you are not using one of the video templates.


Classic templates

In our first-generation presentation tool, the now-retired Prezi Classic, presentations used to have zoom areas, meaning that all the content was mapped out on the canvas instead of having multiple levels of topics and subtopics. Here, you can simply zoom to your presentation steps and zoom back to the overview, creating a mind map-like effect. Similarly to many of the most beloved Classic features, we've brought over some popular Classic templates to Prezi Present in case you'd like to utilize this type of a presentation structure. 


Starting from scratch

From your dashboard, select Start from scratch to build up your presentation from a completely blank template. You can also find the Blank template in the template chooser. 


Editing your template

After you choose a template and start a new presentation, you can customize it at any time. Click here to learn all about structuring your presentation or here for an article about adding topics and subtopics.

Changing the background image and color

Click the Style icon at the top of your screen, then click the three dots (...) next to Background to open the sidebar. From here you can change the background color and add a different background image.

Changing your template

If you’d like to completely change your template, you have to create a new presentation and copy (CTRL/CMD+C) and paste (CTRL/CMD+V) your content individually between the two presentations.

For more information about setting the theme of your presentation, check out this article

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