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Changing the order of topics and subtopics in Prezi Present

Sometimes you build your presentation and decide later that you want to change the order of talking points. Luckily, reordering the topics and subtopics of your structure is easy.

Reordering topics

The order of your topics and subtopics appear in the left sidebar. When you click to enter a topic or subtopic, the left sidebar changes to show the order of the current view.

To reorder topics and subtopics, simply switch up their order in the left sidebar. This will not change the position of the topics, only the order they are presented in.

Changing the position of topics and subtopics

To change a topic’s position, click and drag it to a new place on the canvas. You can also click to select a topic and move it with the arrow keys on your keyboard. This will not change the order the topics are presented in.


Additionally, you can change your presentation's appearance by setting the layout and structure of your subtopics on the canvas.


You can learn more about structuring your presentation here, or read all about editing topics and subtopics with this article.

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