# Due to high demand, you may experience longer response times.
# Due to high demand, you may experience longer response times.

Managing your Prezi profile

Once signed into Prezi, you can manage your profile and account settings here or by clicking your name in the upper right corner and selecting “Account Settings”.

You can see your profile by clicking the “Profile” tab. This page displays your profile as it appears on Prezi.com. A picture will only appear if your Prezi account and your Facebook or Google profile are connected.

Adding a photo and connecting your profiles

  1. Select the “Profile” tab from the Account Settings page.
  2. Then click Connect next to the Facebook or Google logo.
  3. You will be taken to the Facebook or Google login page. Enter your details and to connect your Prezi and Facebook or Google accounts.

Changing your password

You can change your password from your Account Settings page.

  1. Click on the “Profile” tab.
  2. Click Change password.
  3. Type in your old password in the indicated field, then enter your new password twice to confirm.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Changing your name and privacy settings

  1. Go to Account Settings.
  2. Select the “Profile” tab.
  3. Enter your name and any other information you would like to include. Click Save changes.
  4. Under “Privacy Settings,” you can choose to make your profile public or private. If you select public, you will be given a link you can send to share your profile.

Changing your notifications

  1. Go to Account Settings.
  2. Click the “Notifications” tab.
  3. Check the box if you want to be notified of comments made on your presentations or replies to comments.
  4. Click Save changes when you’re done.
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