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Using Prezi for Salesforce

Now that you have Prezi for Salesforce, you’ll see how to make your presentations work for you. Once your shared presentation is opened, you’ll have useful data on what your contact viewed. Use this information to strategically shape how you do business.

Sharing a presentation

  1. Log in to Salesforce with your team account.
  2. Select a contact, lead, or, opportunity.
  3. Scroll to the “Prezi for Salesforce” section and click My Presentations.
  4. Click Allow to allow access.
  5. Your Prezi dashboard will load.

From your dashboard, you can either view, present, or share a presentation. Just rollover the thumbnail and choose.

Viewing or presenting

If you click View presentation, your presentation will load. You can now view or present it. This is also a great way to double check if it’s the presentation you want to share.

Sharing a presentation

  1. Click Share presentation, and a tracking link will automatically be created.
  2. Click Copy in the pop-up and send the link to your contact.

When you share a presentation, it will appear as “Created Prezi Link” on your Salesforce dashboard. When the link is opened, you’ll see “Prezi Link was Opened” on the dashboard. If you do not see it, refresh the dashboard.

Once the presentation you shared is opened, you’ll also get analytics on how the contact viewed it. If your contact is viewing your presentation at the moment, you’ll see the viewing actions live.

Viewing a presentation’s data

Once your link is opened, you’ll get a breakdown of how it was viewed.

Average completion rate

The first thing you see when you view the analytics of a presentation is a circle with the average completion rate. This percentage is based on a view of the presentation from the beginning to the end. If more than one device is used, you’ll see it represented by another bar in the circle.

Analytics of an individual presentation

Next to the circle, you’ll see the presentation’s analytics broken down according to when it was shared, when it was first and last opened, viewed, the total view time, the number of views, and the number of viewers.

Page view summary

The page view summary indicates how much time was spent on a specific part of your presentation. This could be useful in determining which area received the most or least interest. As a useful reminder, if you hover over a particular bar, you’ll get a pop-up of the corresponding area in your presentation.

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