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# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

Adding topics, subtopics, and pages in Prezi Present

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Getting crowded in there? Luckily, making extra room for your content is easy in Prezi Present. Just build out your presentation’s structure to create extra space for your content. Topics show your big ideas, while subtopics and pages organize details and reveal content at just the right moment to keep your audience engaged.

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Adding topics

From the overview, click the drop-down inside the +Topic button in the left sidebar. From here, you can choose a topic type. You’ll see the new topic added to your presentation’s canvas. 

From this dropdown, you are also able to add animations as presentation steps to your path. To learn more about the different animations you can use in Prezi Present, check this article

When adding a new topic, the style and format of the topic cover will copy the previously edited or selected topic.

Note: Clicking directly on the +Topic button adds a planet topic type by default.


Adding subtopics and pages

From within a topic or subtopic, click Planet topic or Stack topic in the left sidebar. You’ll see the new subtopic or page added to your presentation. 


Story blocks

Story blocks are topics/subtopics that come with pre-designed content layouts and placeholders to make building presentations easier and more efficient. To learn more about adding and editing story blocks, check this article.

Deleting topics, subtopics, and pages

Select the topic, subtopic, or page on your canvas and press BACKSPACE/DELETE on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also click the three dots on the topic/subtopic thumbnail in the left sidebar and select Delete from the dropdown menu. 


Did you know?  You can easily turn objects on your canvas into topics/subtopics as well. Select two or more objects (by holding down the Shift key+clicking on the items or dragging the mouse to select the area with all the content), then right-click (CTRL/CMD+click) on the canvas and choose the Turn to topic option. When using this feature inside a topic, the objects will be moved into a subtopic.
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