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Inserting icons and symbols in Prezi Present

Want to make your presentation iconic? Connect with your audience visually by using icons and symbols to complement text and make your ideas stand out. With a searchable library packed with thousands of designer icons at your fingertips, you’ll surely find the right one to convey your message.

Adding icons and symbols

  1. Go to the area where you’d like to add the icon.
  2. Click the Insert button at the top of your screen, then select Icons & symbols.

  3. From here, you can browse the icon library or search by category or keyword. Once you find the icon you want to use, double-click on the thumbnail or drag+drop it onto your canvas.*

You’ll see your icon appear as it loads in the background. You can then move it, resize it, and rotate it.

*Paid feature: Access to the searchable Prezi icon and image library is available for users with a Standard or higher Prezi plan. Luckily it’s a breeze to upgrade your license and get access to this and all the other great features our Prezi plans have to offer.


Tinting your icons

After adding an icon to the canvas, you can also tint it so that it fits perfectly into the color scheme of your presentation. Select the icon, click the coloring icon in the top toolbar and choose the color you would like to use. You can also set the saturation of the coloring for an even more nuanced effect. 


Pro Tip: Want to learn how to easily align and organize your icons? Check out this article.
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