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Five ways to make images stand out in a presentation

A picture is worth a thousand words which means that a single image can tell an entire story. Visuals are proven to be much more effective than text when it comes to presenting and with the right images and just a few tricks you can make sure that the message of your presentation is heard and seen.


Here are five simple things to keep in mind so that your images really stand out in your presentation.

1. Find the most fitting visuals

A well-chosen background image can give a whole new meaning to your presentation and it should be a visual metaphor complementing your message. Additional images you use can have an equally great impact so make sure to choose visuals that match your topic and help your audience focus and understand what you’re talking about.


2. Crop it and drop it

Found a great visual but its dimensions are off? No problem, you can crop your image so it really fits into the frame.


3. Make your image pop

Choose an image that fits into the color scheme and general mood of your presentation. You can also cheat if necessary: with the help of the image editor, you can easily adjust the image or use a filter to make it even more appealing.


4. Put it where it really belongs

Resize your image in a way that it is not too distracting but still meaningful and gets the attention it deserves. Think outside the box (literally) and experiment with unconventional image placement: your visual can still be in focus even if it isn’t in the middle of the screen!


5. Use animations to bring your image to life

You have the right place, all you need now is the right time: use animations to make your image seamlessly blend into the story and to keep it moving!


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