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How to connect to an external microphone in Prezi Video

Prezi Videos are meant to make a lasting visual impact, but even more, they provide an audiovisual experience to compliment your audience's viewing pleasure. It's not only your ideas and content on the screen anymore - you'll be there also to speak about them. Therefore, it's crucial to have clear quality audio when recording so your message is heard loud and clear. Literally.


Did you know? You can connect an external camera to your computer to use it for recording videos. To learn more, please check this article.

Using an external microphone

Although some computers/laptops might have great built-in microphones, you can find a variety of USB mics on the market that can guarantee a much better sound quality when recording a video. Just connect your microphone via a USB input and select it as a default microphone in your System settings (Win) or System Preferences (Mac) or on the Chrome settings page if you are recording online. 

You might also want to consider using a Bluetooth microphone/headset so you don’t get tangled up in all the cables. Make sure to enable Bluetooth on your computer, if it does not have Bluetooth capability already built-in, by plugging a Bluetooth USB adapter into an available USB port on your device. Once your mic/headset is connected, set is as default the same way as detailed above.

Note: The Prezi Video desktop application is optimized for using external microphones and cameras and we recommend you to use it for the best performance.
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