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Trimming your video in Prezi Video

Sometimes you hit the record button a bit too early and you need a couple of seconds to get in the groove. Don’t worry, once you’re done with recording your Prezi Video, you can trim it and cut out any unwanted footage from the beginning or the end. 


Whether you are creating a video on the online platform or using the desktop application, whether you are converting a PowerPoint deck, turning a Prezi presentation into a video or starting a video from scratch, once you are finished with the recording, you will see an editor bar where you can trim your video.

Trimming a video

Once you have a version you are happy with, click on Next step to edit your video. Here, you can trim it to remove those first and last few seconds when you start and stop the recording to make the end product more polished and professional. 

Drag the handle at the beginning and the end of the video timeline where you would like your video to start and finish et voilà! You’re done.

Online editor:


Desktop app:


In case of shorter videos it also means that if you decide to give it another try halfway through the recording, you can simply restart without having to stop the recording and cut out the first part once you’re finished.

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