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Adding narration to your presentation (using Prezi Video)

While adding audio to topics and subtopics allows you to provide some depth and context to your content, you might need a way to add commentary throughout your entire presentation. This is especially important when you can’t be there to present in-person. Luckily, Prezi Video allows you to do just that, providing an easy solution for adding narration to your Prezi presentation.


Adding narration to your presentation online

You can easily turn any Prezi presentation into a video and add your voiceover to it from the online editor. When you're done building and customizing your presentation, click the Create video button in the top right corner. 

You can either turn your presentation into a video by removing its background and putting you next to your content or leave the presentation as it is, and only record your voice while you navigate through your content.

To do so, choose the second option from the popup window after clicking Create video. You'll be immediately redirected to the virtual Prezi Video “recording room” where you can navigate through your presentation while narrating it when recording. Your camera will not be enabled and you will see the background you set in your presentation throughout your video.



If necessary, you can pause your recording by clicking the red button under the video window and resume by clicking the same button again. When you're finished, click the Done recording button and your video will start processing. 

Once you're done recording your video, you can trim it to remove any unnecessary footage from the beginning and the end.

When your video is saved and processed, it will be available from your Prezi Video dashboard and you can also download it as an mp4 file (paid feature). 


Adding narration to your presentation with the Prezi Video desktop app

To add narration to your presentation, you can also use the Prezi Video desktop application.

Hi! Check out this article for the system requirements of Prezi Video or this article to learn how to make videos in the Prezi Video desktop application.

The Prezi Video desktop app allows you to import your existing Prezi presentations and make a recording with you, and your content, on the same screen.


Once you’ve imported your presentation, the application automatically removes the background so that you can be seen next to your content while presenting. You can, therefore, create a video where you are present in your presentation, explaining the details as you go through your ideas. 

However, if you’d rather have a video where only your content can be seen, simply switch to the “Content only” view at the bottom of the screen and record your video. This means that you can talk throughout the entire presentation, only recording your voice while your content is being shown and recorded.


After you’re finished recording, you can trim your video and download it in .mp4 format. Then, you can easily share your video by uploading it to social media, embedding it on a website or sending it via email.


Take a look at this article to learn more about Prezi Video and its features. Happy recording!

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