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Using Prezi Present for creating a video

You might have already used Prezi Video to create a video or convert a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation and to record it or present it live in a video call but did you know that you can also create a Prezi presentation and easily use it in Prezi Video? Here's everything you need to know about creating a Prezi presentation, then turning it into video or presenting it in a video call with Prezi Video.


New to Prezi Present? Check out this article to get started. You can also read this article about structuring your presentation or just go to our dedicated Knowledge Base to learn more about the presentation software and its features.


Creating a presentation with "Use Prezi Present"

While the Prezi Video editor allows you to create and record videos with a simple structure, you can also go for the Use Prezi Present option on your dashboard to build a Prezi presentation with multiple images and text boxes, a personalized color scheme, and the power of zooming without any limits - and then, turn it into a video with only a few clicks. 

1. From your Prezi Video dashboard, click on Use Prezi Present. You can either select one of your existing presentations and create a video from it or start from scratch and choose Create new to select a presentation template to use.

2. You can choose a template specifically designed for video recording (all the default content in the template is placed in a way that you can be visible on the screen while presenting) or select one of the traditional presentation templates.

3. Once you find a template, use the left and right arrows to preview its content and style. Click Use this template or close the window to select a different one. 


4. You will now need to decide whether you want to record a video where you appear on the screen next to your content or you only want to record your voice as you go through your presentation. You can record a video with only adding a voiceover to it, but for a more interactive experience, choose the option on the left to activate your camera right away.


Editing, adding and adjusting content 

1. You will then be redirected to the Prezi Present editor with the Prezi Video sidebar open. Here, you can immediately allow camera access to see how exactly your video is going to look like while adding your content, but you can also close the sidebar, edit your presentation and return when you’re ready to record your video.

2. You can use the editor with all its functions exactly the same way you would create a regular Prezi presentation. You can add, delete, edit, rearrange or reorder topics and subtopics, edit the topic and subtopic covers, customize the color scheme or add any kind of content, such as text, images, icons and shapes to your presentation. 

Did you know?  You can also turn your Prezi Design content into a video. Check this article to learn how!


Note: The pre-designed video templates come with a plain background that is removed when you allow camera access, putting you on the screen next to your content.

3. If you are using a template not specifically designed for videos, you might need to rearrange objects on your canvas so nothing covers you while presenting. Use the Adjust content button in the Prezi Video sidebar to automatically shift the layout of the presentation to the right or drag and drop to manually move objects. 

Pro Tip: If you closed the Prezi Video sidebar while editing your presentation, you can reopen it any time by clicking the Create video button in the top toolbar.

4. A pop-up will appear, requesting whether you’d like to make a safety copy of your presentation with the current layout. We recommend you make a copy, in case you’d like to use the original version in the future. Give your copy a new title, and click the Ready, adjust content button.

5. Prezi automatically repositions your content, so that you won’t be covered by your topics. You can still readjust them however you’d like.


6. Once your presentation is good to go, activate your camera and click through your presentation a few times to practice before going on the air and to make sure that your content is in the right place and nothing covers your face on-screen.

Pro Tip: Check this article for our top presenting tips before recording your video.

Recording a video or going live in a video call

1. You are now ready to record or go live with your content. If you'd like to present your presentation in a video call, click Go live at the bottom of the Prezi Video sidebar to open it up in the desktop application. You can also save your presentation and import it to the Prezi Video application later to present or record. Please check this article on presenting live in a video call with Prezi Video. 

2. If you'd like to record a video, click Record video at the bottom of the Prezi Video sidebar. To learn more about recording a video, please check this article.


Note: Even though it was created from your Prezi Video dashboard, your work is saved to your Prezi Present dashboard as it is technically a presentation before you turn it into a video. Once you record and save your video, it will be available via your Prezi Video dashboard.
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