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# Due to high demand, you may experience longer response times.

Restructuring and converting topics and subtopics in Prezi Present

Using topics and subtopics in a Prezi presentation makes it easy to visualize the structure of your story. This helps your audience understand the connection between your talking points and makes your ideas stand out. Luckily, restructuring and converting your topics and subtopics has never been this easy. With a click and drag, you can merge topics together to create subtopics, or move subtopics up and down a level in your presentation's structure. 

Turning a topic into a subtopic

From the overview, simply drag a topic onto the topic you want to merge it with. You will see a tiny animation indicating when the topic “absorbs” the other. When zooming into the topic, you will see the merged topic appear as a planet style subtopic, with its topic cover and content unchanged. 


Pro Tip: You can disable this function by holding down the Alt/Cmd key while moving your topics/subtopics.

Turning a subtopic into a topic

To convert a subtopic into a main topic, click and drag it to the area located at the top-right corner of you canvas. This will move it out to the overview. This works similarly with advanced subtopics as well - dragging them to this area moves them one level up in the topic hierarchy. When zooming out to the overview, you will see the subtopic appear as a topic, with its topic cover and content (including subtopics) unchanged. 


Pro Tip: Want to personalize your presentation and give it a truly unique look? Try a different topic shape, change the layout of subtopics or customize the colors and create a color scheme.
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