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Using guides and the grid in Prezi Design

Structured content is so much easier to navigate. Before creating a new design, try to imagine what you want the result to look like. Ask yourself: what page size do I want to choose for my design? How do I want to structure my page? Answers to these questions will set you up for success and a beautifully organized visualization.

Using smart guides

Smart guides are turned on by default. Once you start moving an object around the canvas, you'll see pink guidelines appear to help you structure the content proportionately.


Tip: Start adding objects from the top left of the page. Use the first object to align all other objects.

Using the grid

With the grid layout enabled, you'll be able to structure your content by using the columns visible on the canvas. You can easily adjust their number and size.

  1. To enable the grid, click Grid in the bottom left corner of the editor.
  2. Select Grid layout. You’ll then see pink columns with lines appear on the canvas; use them to group and align objects.
  3. Use the Spacing slider to adjust the distance between the columns and the Number of columns slider to choose how many columns you want to use.


Tip: Use keyboard shortcut G to switch between the smart guides and the grid layout.

A good rule of thumb is to work with twice as many columns as groups you have. For instance, if you plan on dividing the page into two blocks, use at least 4 columns (2 for each block). That way, you can be more precise in arranging objects in each block, ensuring they are evenly aligned and with equal margins.

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