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# Due to high demand, you may experience longer response times.

Creating interactive charts with tabs in Prezi Design

Display dynamic data and increase audience engagement with the interactive charts offered by Prezi Design! You can add interactivity by using multiple tabs for your data series. Tabs allow combining two or more charts into one, making it easier for the reader to compare and contrast information.

Adding tabs to your chart

  1. Double-click on a chart or click on the Edit data tab to open the chart's data table.
  2. Add a new datasheet by clicking on the + icon at the bottom left corner of the chart's data table.
  3. Click between the sheets to add data.


Note: For some charts, you can simply add a column to the same sheet to create an additional tab. The sample data in each chart will help you understand how to structure and format your data.

To manage sheets, click on the mceclip0.png icon. From there, you can delete the sheet, clear all data, duplicate the sheet, rename it, or move it to a new position.

If you add multiple tabs to your chart and there is not enough space to display all of them next to one another, a dropdown menu will appear on top of the chart.


Enabling autoplay

Instead of clicking through the tabs manually, you can also make your chart automatically switch between them by adding a play button to the chart. When pressed, the chart will automatically cycle through all of the data series.

  1. Click on the chart to select it, then expand the Chart properties tab in the right-side settings panel.
  2. Enable the Animation play controls option.


Pro Tip: You can also link several charts together so that when a viewer selects a specific tab in one chart, all the other charts also switch to the respective tab. Read more in the article on linking charts and maps by tab name.


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