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Displaying chart values in Prezi Design

When sharing your chart online, anyone can see the data behind each bar, column, line, or pie slice of your chart by simply hovering over it with the mouse cursor (with tooltips enabled). However, if you plan on downloading your chart as a static image or a PDF file, where interactivity is not supported, or simply want all values to be visible on your chart right away, you can enable the option to show values.

Displaying values in your chart

  1. Click on the chart to select it.
  2. Expand the Chart properties tab in the settings panel on the right.
  3. Enable the Show values option.


You can also choose to display the values outside of the columns/bars in column and bar charts. Simply enable the Show values outside option under Chart properties.


Sometimes the values will not be visible even when the Show values option is enabled. This happens when there is not enough space for the values within your chart. In such cases, you need to increase the chart size or decrease the font size.

Displaying values in pie charts

  • In pie charts, the option to show values is called Show callouts.
  • It's also possible to display the category name next to the value by enabling the Callout name option.
  • You can automatically calculate what the variables represent in percentages by enabling the Callout percentage option.


Learn how to add data to your charts by reading the article about adding data to a chart in Prezi Design, and check out all of the available chart customization options in the article on customizing your chart in Prezi Design.

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