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Pausing the recording in Prezi Video

Talking to a camera while recording yourself can seem a little intimidating sometimes. Luckily, the Prezi Video desktop app allows you to take a break while recording with a simple click of the "Pause" button. This means you can temporarily stop recording so you can take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, or even do some visual magic to make your video even more impressive. 


Pausing your recording can come in handy when recording lengthier videos and just want to take a little break, but the functionality can be used for other creative solutions as well. 

Amongst other options, the "Pause" button allows you to:

  • Split the video between multiple presenters.
  • Divide the video into sections or chapters.
  • Change your setting or the background when it carries extra meaning (indoors vs. outdoors etc.).
  • Change your outfit, display different props or perform magic tricks for fun videos.

Using the Pause button while recording 

When your content is good to go and you're ready for the cameras to roll, just click the Record button. Then, click the red button under the video window to start recording after the countdown. Once the recording starts, you can use the same button to pause the recording (or use the Space bar). Click it again when you're ready to resume. When you're finished, click the Done Recording button in the bottom right corner. Don't worry if there's some unnecessary footage at the end, you can trim your video before finalizing it. 





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