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Using interactivity hints in Prezi Design

With Prezi Design, you can create engaging content that includes clickable and hoverable objects, for example, interactive charts and maps. Don't keep your viewers in the darkuse interactivity hints to alert your audience about additional layers of content in your design. This way, nobody will miss your links, tooltips, zoomable maps, legends, or tabs!

  1. When in the Prezi Design editor, deselect any of the objects on the canvas or click outside of the canvas.
  2. Open Main settings from the panel on the right.
  3. Expand the Viewer experience tab and enable the Show interactivity hints option. Now, when viewing your project, people will see subtle interactivity hints appear.


If you'd like to see more information on the various ways you can make your design more accessible to your viewers, read the article on creating accessible content in Prezi Design.

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