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Using PPT, PDF, and DOC files in Prezi Design

Do you have a presentation or a report you would like to spice up and take to the next level? You can do just that by uploading your PPT, PDF, or DOC files to Prezi Design. After uploading your file, you'll be able to make it more interactive and engaging for the viewers, and what's most important—all of your content will be a click away, so if there's something you need to change, you can do it in a flash. Follow the steps below to learn how to upload your files to Prezi Design.

  1. To access the option to upload an external file, click on Convert PPT, PDF, or DOC file at the top of the Prezi Design dashboard or select the option to Upload a file in the left-side panel of the Prezi Design template library.


  2. To upload your file, click anywhere on the gray area of the pop-up window and pick a file from your computer, or drag-and-drop the file right onto the pop-up. You will then be taken straight into the Prezi Design editor, where you can start editing your new project.


Note: For quicker uploads, we recommend using files under 15 MB (about 30 slides or pages).

To learn more about creating and editing content in Prezi Design, browse the articles of the Create and edit section of the knowledge base.

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