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Sharing your design in Google Classroom

Remote education presents multiple challenges to both students and teachers. The logistics of sharing learning material and collecting assignments can be overwhelming, but Prezi and Google Classroom are here to make online teaching and learning a better experience. Create beautiful designs and infographics, then share them with your class with only a few clicks. Who said remote learning can't be fun? 

Please note: Sharing to Google Classroom from Prezi is only available online, on Mac, Windows and Chromebook devices.

Sharing presentations in Google Classroom from the design view page

You can browse the best public and reusable designs in our design gallery (that you can also access from your design dashboard). Click on any design to access its view page, then click the Share icon under the design. Click on the Google Classroom icon to open a popup window. Choose the class and type of learning material you'd like to make, then add a description and assign it to your class.


Pro Tip: You can also access the view page of your own design so you can share it in Google Classroom. Just go to your design dashboard, click the three dots under the design thumbnail and choose View to access its view page.


What's more, you can also share videos and presentations too in only a few seconds. Click the Share button under a video or presentation and choose the Google Classroom icon to share from a view page or share a video directly from its admin page (feature only available for students and educators).

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