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Setting up a simple but professional backdrop for your video

You and your content should be the focus of your video, not your background. While there aren’t any set rules on what makes a good background, keep these things in mind to make sure your surroundings aren’t too distracting when recording with Prezi Video. 

Keep it simple

Be sure to leave some white space on your wall or backdrop - overcrowded backgrounds can end up drawing your viewers’ attention away from your topic and message. Having too many posters and pictures, or a busy wallpaper will only cause sensory overload. 

If you have space behind you in the room, try to make things look as organized as you can. Clothes racks, messy tabletops and sock piles will make your video look less professional.

Alternatively, you can also try hanging up an ironed sheet or a plain blanket behind you - only use this technique if you can make it look neat and well done, otherwise just try to keep the space behind you simple and well-organized.


You can can place a whiteboard where your presentation content will appear on the screen - not only does this provide a clean backdrop for your presentation elements, but you can also get a better idea of where your presentation is in the space next to you, helping you gesture in the right direction while presenting.

If you are sitting in front of single colored wall, choose a wall with less vibrant colors. More pastel colors have a less distracting and less emotion inducing effect on us, and thus is are a better backdrop.

Shiny objects in your background/foreground can reflect and refract light that can in some cases bounce light back into the camera lens and cause lens-flares. It’s generally a good idea to avoid shiny surfaces as much as you can when recording.

Once you feel comfortable, try experimenting with a different background: an unconventional backdrop like the trees in your backyard can add a more creative element to your video.

Recording tips

When you have your background all ready and set, there are a few more tips to help you get started.

1. Sit facing your camera, but try not to be stiff and robotic - feel free to move your head, gesture with your hands and turn in the direction of your content in order to direct your viewers’ attention as needed.

2. Don’t sit too close to the camera, but don’t sit too far either - try to take up about a third of the screen in a position where it makes sense with your content.

3. Make sure you’re familiar with your visuals, so upcoming content won’t obscure you.


There's just one final thing to consider: don’t focus TOO much on the little details! Once you have an overall good-looking scene, try to forget about your setup and focus on your content and the audience

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