# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.
# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

Adding and playing a video in Prezi Video

Want to make your video even more moving? Now you can import your Prezi presentations with locally uploaded video files and import them into the Prezi Video desktop app to go live or record yourself and your content on the screen, videos included. Add your own narration to your short clips while they play and make them an integral part of the interactive experience that is Prezi Video! 

Please note: Adding video files to your presentation and recording in the Prezi Video desktop app are available for users with a Plus or higher Prezi plan. Luckily it's a breeze to upgrade your license and get access to this and all the other great features our Prezi plans have to offer. 


Adding a video to your presentation

To play a video in Prezi Video, you'll need to add it to a presentation you've created in Prezi Present. 

Pro Tip: To learn more about Prezi Present, check our dedicated Knowledge Base!

1. Navigate to the place in your presentation where you’d like to add the video.

2. Click the Insert button at the top of your screen, then select Video.

3. In the sidebar, you can either:

  • Add a video from your own library
  • Upload a file from your computer by clicking Upload video
  • Click the arrow next to the button to select a file from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive

4. After the file uploads, you can move, resize, and rotate the video as needed. 


Make sure the file's extension is ".mp4" before uploading it and we recommend adding video files that are no more than 50 MB in size to avoid a possible decrease in performance.

Please note: You need to upload a video file to be able to play it in Prezi Video. Currently, embedded YouTube videos cannot be displayed in your video.

Adjusting content

Since your face should also be visible alongside your content, you might need to rearrange objects on your canvas so nothing covers you when you import your presentation to record a video.

1. Click Create Video in the top toolbar.

2. Use the Adjust content button in the sidebar to automatically shift the layout of the presentation to the right or drag and drop to manually move objects. 

You can still add, delete or modify your content the same way as if you were editing any Prezi presentation and can also freeze or turn off the camera anytime. You can decide to either make a copy of the presentation with the adjusted layout or update the one you are editing.

3. When the presentation is ready, save it and open the Prezi Video desktop application.


Importing the presentation in Prezi Video

1. With the Prezi Video app open, choose Import from Prezi.

2. Select the presentation you would like to convert and click Import selected.

This will import all the content in your presentation and remove the background image so you can be seen in the background. 


Playing a clip while recording or live streaming

1. When you're ready, start recording or live streaming

2. Once you get to the slide including the video file, simply click the Play button at the bottom of the video window to start the video while you're still visible on the screen.

3. If you want to play the video in full-screen, click in the video window to play it in full-screen or the right arrow (as the video itself is an individual slide). After you finished playing the video, simply click the arrow to move forward to the next slide. You can also pause the video any time and go to the next slide. 


Please note: The video files added to your presentation are imported into Prezi Video without audio. You can however add your own voiceover to the clip and keep talking while the video plays. <-- This allows you to talk over or narrate your video while you record or present live. Alternatively, you can share and play a video with sound while sharing your screen in the Prezi Video desktop app.

Want to learn more about Prezi Video and its features? Check out our dedicated Knowledge Base!

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