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Getting to know Prezi Video for Android (Alpha Program)

Thank you for being among the first group of users trying out our new Prezi Video application for Android and helping us with your valuable feedback to make the user experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible by the time we release the app for the grand public! Here's all the information you need to know to get started with the mobile version of Prezi Video and create videos with you and your content on the screen for a seamless and personalized experience that keeps viewers hooked. 

You should know: Currently only invited & registered Alpha testers can use the application.  Participants of the program have received an email from Prezi leading to a sign-up form.

Getting started

After downloading the Android app from the Google Play Store, open the Prezi Video app on your phone. Use your Prezi account email address and password to log into the app.

You should know: As we need to add your email addresses to the tester group manually, it may take a bit until you can download the application (max. 24 hours). Please make sure to use the email address you used in the sign-up form for the download from the app store.


You will then be redirected to your Prezi Video dashboard where you can access and share your previously recorded videos (both mobile and desktop) and videos that were shared with you. You can also create and record new videos here, using visual assets directly from your phone.


Creating a video

1. To create a new video, click the purple Create video button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Choose the format you'd like to use. The Mobile format is optimized for recording and viewing videos on mobile devices but you can also opt for the standard 16:9 video format or record in 1:1 in case you'd like to share your video on social media. 

Pro Tip: You can also change the format later on while editing and adding your content.


3. Click Next to select a template. You'll see yourself appear on the screen. Hi! Swipe between the templates and tap on the template you'd like to use. You can switch to a different template any time during editing by simply clicking Template in the bottom toolbar and returning to the template chooser.


4. Then, click Content in the bottom toolbar to add your text and images to the video. Your video content consists of frames: one frame consists of a text box and one image. Video templates come with three frames added by default but you can add further frames by clicking the + icon or remove frames by long pressing the thumbnail and tapping on the bin icon. You can also rearrange the frames' order by long-pressing and swiping on a given frame.

5. Use the Add text button and start typing. To remove or modify the text, click Edit text.


Please note: You can add up to 150 characters of written text per each frame.

6. To add visuals to your video from your phone, click Photos and select an image from your gallery. By choosing Camera, you can take a photo directly from the app and use it in your video.


Before adding it to your video, you can crop or flip your image. To remove the image from the frame, choose Clear Image

Please note: You can add one image per frame.


7. When you're done with the first frame, simply click into Frame 2 and continue adding content to your video.

You can change the video format at any point by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the screen, access our Knowledge Base for more information by clicking Help or send feedback directly from the editor in case you're encountering any issues. 

Recording your video 

When you're done with adding your content, the only thing left is to record your video! Click Record in the bottom toolbar, then use the purple button in the middle to start recording after a 3-second countdown.

Pro Tip: Since mobile devices usually have better cameras compared to the built-in webcams of most computers, you can achieve visibly better video quality when recording with the Android app.


Tap on the arrows or swipe right or left on the video screen to navigate between your frames and use the three dots at the bottom to switch between the three different views (presenter only, content+presenter, content only).

On the right side of this lane, there is a camera icon. By tapping this icon, you can switch between the front and back camera view during recording.


You can also pause the recording by tapping on the purple button in the middle and resume recording (each time after a countdown) by tapping the same button again. 

Please note: The minimum system requirement for the Pause function is Android 7.0. Users with an older Android version won't be able to access and use this button.


When you're done recording your video, click the Stop icon at the bottom. You can then preview your recording. If you're not satisfied, tap on Discard and record again at the top of the screen to restart the recording and click Save at the bottom if you have a version you're happy with.

Once your video is processed, it will be automatically synced to your Prezi account which means that you'll be able to access your videos recorded in the Android app from your online Prezi Video dashboard as well.

You can give the video a catchy title by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner. Click the X in the top left corner to return to the dashboard with all your videos or choose Share to send it to someone right away. 


Sharing your video

From the dashboard, you can share any of your videos, both created or shared with you in the desktop version or recorded in the mobile app, by clicking Share and selecting the app you'd like to use to share the video or choose Copy to clipboard to share the video as a link in any messaging or social media app. 


Reusing a video

You can easily reuse your own video content (or videos that were shared with you) by clicking Reuse under the video thumbnail. This will load the editor with the content and template already added to your video which you can still customize before recording a new version. 


Pro Tip: You can also reuse the content of any public and reusable video from its view page or from the explore page, opened from a browser on your phone. Click on the video you'd like to view and reuse, then choose the Prezi Video app to complete the action and click Re-use content in the bottom right corner to open the Prezi Video editor with the video's content already added.


Sending feedback

The purpose of the Alpa test program is to get as much user feedback as possible and improve the Prezi Video Android app accordingly. Please don't hesitate to share any feedback or issues you might run into in addition to your ideas for improvement so we can make the user experience as smooth as possible. To share your feedback, click the three dots at the top right corner of the screen (both from the dashboard or during editing) and choose Send Feedback to forward your insights via email to our development team.

Additionally, each participant will receive an email with a questionnaire regarding the user experience where you can also share your learnings and ideas.


Thank you for your contribution and for making Prezi Video for Android better for all of our users!



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