# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.
# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

Setting up and using the brand kit

Keep your team on brand by providing each member access to a collection of branded templates and settings that will enable them to easily create their own on-brand content in a heartbeat! With the help of the brand kit, you can store your brand's logo for easy access, select your organization's brand fonts from a vast array of fonts and set your organization's brand color palette. Your entire team will be able to access and use branded video templates in Prezi Video specifically designed for your organization and customize any template in Prezi Design to reflect your brand identity in any project. Stay on brand and help your entire team succeed!

Paid feature: The brand kit is only available for Prezi Teams. If you are interested in getting Prezi for your organization, you can contact us and request a demo here.


Creating a brand kit

The brand kit can be set up and customized by the team admin. If you are the admin of your team, you'll see the brand kit icon in the left sidebar of your Prezi Dashboard. Click the icon, then go to Create brand kit to open the brand kit editor. If you already have a brand kit created, you can access and edit it from the sidebar any time. 

Pro Tip: If you're not the team admin but would like to edit the brand kit, please contact your team admin who will be able to execute the requested changes. 

1. First, name your brand kit. 



2. Then, upload your organization's logo. You can also add a custom link that will open when clicking on the logo in any presentation or design.

Pro Tip: Please upload a logo in PNG format, 10MB (or less). Logos with one or two colors and a transparent background work best in videos, presentations and designs.


3. You can also set default fonts and text styles: choose a title, subtitle and body text font type or even provide a secondary set of fonts. You also have the option to upload your own custom fonts (ttf or otf format) to use in your default text style. 


4. Provide your brand colors by either adding them manually by color code (HEX or RGB) or by generating a color palette from your organization's logo. You can provide a color palette separately for your videos and designs and even select additional colors. 


Once you're done setting up and customizing your brand kit, hit Save or Publish if you want to make the kit available for your team right away. You can return to the brand kit editor any time and either edit, unpublish or delete it by clicking the three dots in the top right corner.

If you hover over 'Published', you can check when the kit was last updated. In case there are multiple admins in your team, you can also check who updated it last. 

Please note: Your team's brand kit can be modified and updated any time, but it is not possible to create multiple kits for your team. 

Using the brand kit in Prezi Video

Once the brand kit is published, both you as a team admin and every other team member can create branded videos very easily.

  1. Click Quick record from your Prezi Video dashboard and the online video editor will open with two separate tabs in the template chooser.
  2. You can either go for the default templates and record unbranded videos or click Branded and choose one of the customized templates with your organization's logo, brand colors and fonts already added.
  3. You can then add your text and images, record the video as usual and even go live with your branded content from the Prezi Video desktop app by clicking Video conferencing in the video thumbnail from the Prezi Video dashboard


Using the brand kit in Prezi Design

Once the brand kit is published, both you as a team admin and every other team member can create branded designs very easily.
  1. Create a new design with any template of your choice.
  2. Go to the Settings in the right sidebar and click Change under Palette & Branding. You'll see your brand kit on the top.
  3. Simply click Change to see your design being updated with your brand colors, text style and logo. You can then continue editing and customizing your design as usual.


Using the brand kit in Prezi Present

Brand kit is currently not supported in Prezi Present. In support of the current environment, we have prioritized brand kit for Prezi Video and Design in an attempt to help our users make the most out of their remote communications. You can currently add your organization's logo with a custom link instead of the Prezi watermark in presentations if you have a Teams account.

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