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Best practices for importing your PowerPoint slides to Prezi Video

With the Prezi Video desktop app, you're able to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video and give your PPT slides a new life. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that converting your slide deck in the Prezi Video desktop app goes as smoothly as possible. 

Optimizing your slides for Prezi Video

1. To avoid lagging while using the Prezi Video desktop application, we recommend closing other apps running on your computer while converting PPT files or recording.

2. Try to avoid using complex vector-graphics and high resolution pictures as it will result in a slow import and possibly a lagging presentation/video.

3. As embedded videos in your PowerPoint slides won't play after being imported into Prezi Video, remove these before converting your presentation to a video. 

4. When importing slides with a custom font used in them, check "Embed fonts in the file" under Preferences > Save (Mac) or File > Options > Save (Windows) so that it displays correctly in Prezi Video. 

5. We generally recommend using PPT files under 15 MB (which equals about 30 slides) for quicker upload time. Since the purpose of Prezi Video is to create a more engaging and interactive experience, the focus is more on you commenting on the content instead of simply displaying too many slides. 


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