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Uploading videos in Prezi Design

In addition to using Prezi Video, YouTube, and Vimeo videos, you can also upload your own files straight from your computer. This way, you don't have to worry about uploading your videos to any external platforms, and you can make your Prezi Design projects more dynamic with a few simple clicks. Follow the steps below to learn more.

Uploading a video file

  1. From the Prezi Design editor, click Add graphics in the toolbar on the left.
  2. Select Upload an image or video.
  3. Select the video you'd like to upload and click Open. The video will then appear on your canvas, where you can move, resize, and rotate it to your liking.
Note: If you're unable to upload a file with a ".mp4" extension, it's most likely a different type of file by default. Make sure that you're using an MP4 (video/mp4) or M4V (video/x-m4v) file that is no more than 50 MB in size.


Adjusting the video settings

Once you've uploaded your video, you can tweak a few of its settings in the panel on the right of the editor.

  • Use the Transparency slider to change your video's level of transparency. This will be handy if you'd like to use your video in the background.
  • From the Playback dropdown, choose whether you want your video to play in a loop or just once.
  • If you check the box next to Autoplay video, the video will start playing automatically as soon as your viewers arrive at your project.
  • With the Show play and volume controls option enabled, your viewers will get access to a play/pause button, they'll be able to adjust the sound of the video, view it in full-screen mode, as well as download it.


If you'd like to use a video cover for your project, check out the article about adding video covers in Prezi Design to learn how.

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