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Getting started with creating in Prezi Video

Welcome to Prezi Video, a brand new video creator that puts you right alongside your content as you live stream or record, for a seamless and personalized experience that keeps viewers hooked. Please take a look around, we've collected a few resources you might find helpful in case you're about to embark on the journey of creating with Prezi Video!

Getting started 

Here's everything you need to know and do before you start creating and recording your first video. 

Getting started with Prezi Video →


Creating a video online

This article includes all the information you need on starting a new project from your Prezi Video dashboard, selecting a video template, adding your content and then recording and finalizing your video.

How to create a video when using Prezi Video online →


Sharing a video

Your video is recorded, it's time to share it with the world! Here you can learn about all the different sharing options in Prezi Video. 

How to share your video with Prezi Video →


Live streaming with Prezi Video

With Prezi Video, you also have the option to present your video real-time with the Prezi Video desktop application that you can connect with all the popular video conferencing tools to make virtual meetings and online classes a lot more exciting. 

Live streaming and video conferencing with Prezi Video →


Creating a video from a presentation

If you want to have a really lasting impression, you can also turn any of your existing presentations into a video by putting yourself into the background or create presentation specifically for Prezi Video in the Prezi Present editor. Here's an article that will explain it all.

Creating a video from a presentation with Prezi Video →




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