From September 19 - September 26, we’ll be closing our live support channels in observance of a company event. You can still submit help requests online, and we’ll answer as quickly as possible.
From September 19 - September 26, we’ll be closing our live support channels in observance of a company event. You can still submit help requests online, and we’ll answer as quickly as possible.

Using Prezi Video for Zoom Apps

Want to take your Zoom meetings to the next level? With Prezi Video for Zoom Apps, you can quickly create a virtual presentation before your call or pull in content during your meeting and make sure you’ll be the one who steals the show. 

Pro Tip: To learn about installing and setting app the Prezi Video Zoom app, please read this article.

Preparing your content in advance

With Zoom open, go to Apps in the top toolbar and select Prezi Video. You’ll see an editor open where you can add and edit your content.

Please note: While you’re able to start adding your content here, you won’t be able to enable the camera at this stage and preview your virtual presentation. We recommend you to start a meeting from the top toolbar (this is how we're going to show you how to use the app below), select Prezi Camera from the camera list and prepare your content. Once you’re ready, you can save your session to present your content later or invite others to the meeting to present right away.

Select the + icon to add your first slide. To add text, such as a title, click the T icon. You can add 150 characters per slide. 


You can add one visual per slide from your computer by simply dragging and dropping it into the sidebar or clicking the icon to select one. You can add jpg, png and gif files and you can also drag and drop your existing PowerPoint slides that will be added to your virtual presentation as images. To replace a visual, simply upload or drag and drop a different file to the slide. 


You can reorder your slides by dragging a slide up or down, or delete one by clicking the three dots on any slide and then selecting Delete slide


Importing an existing presentation

In addition to adding your PowerPoint slides from your computer, you can also import one of your Prezi presentations from your online Prezi account. Click on Import, select Prezi, then choose the presentation you'd like to import. You will see all the presentation steps listed as individual slides in the sidebar.

Please note that you won't be able to edit the content of your presentation at the stage. If you wish to adjust your content, please edit your presentation directly from Prezi, save the changes an import the presentation again into Zoom. 


Changing the template

You can add a template to your content that represents your or your brand. Click the three dots on the top, go to Template, then Choose template and select the theme that best matches your content and brand.

If you’re part of a Prezi team, you can have access to multiple collections of personalized templates set up in the brand kit by your team admin. You can select and browse these collections by clicking the dropdown here. Once you're done, click the arrow on the top to return to the editor. 


Saving your session and accessing previous projects

To save your work, click the Save session button at the top of the sidebar and give a title to your project. Previously saved sessions can be found under File > Open if you click the three dots at the top of the sidebar. You can rename your session at the top of the sidebar later as well.

To share the Prezi Video app's sidebar via screen sharing in a meeting, select Share App Screen at the top of the sidebar and click Invite to share the Prezi Video app for Zoom for downloading with the other participants of your meeting. 

Presenting and adding content during a call

Once your content is good to go, you can invite others to the meeting or pull out a previously created session in a call. 

Please note:If your content seems mirrored to you, select Video Settings next to Stop Video and make sure the box next to Mirror my video is unchecked.

To navigate through your content, use the arrows in the sidebar or use the left and right arrows on your keyboard. Depending on what you want your audience to focus on, use the toggle either hide or show your content. When showing your content on screen, use Full mode to show your content in full screen and click Floating mode to show both you and your content on the screen.

Please note: You’ll need to turn off your virtual background so your content is displayed correctly.


Pro Tip: When in the call, you can still make any changes to your slides and add new ones. If the other participants have the Prezi Video app installed, they can also use it to add live reactions or updates while video conferencing and pull in any content they want to share.


Uninstalling the Prezi Video app for Zoom

To uninstall the Prezi Video app for Zoom, do the following steps:

1. Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

2. Click Manage > Added Apps or search for the Prezi Video app.

3. Find the Prezi Video app, then select Remove. 


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