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# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

Adding a name tag in Prezi Video

Make your virtual meetings branded in a few easy steps and provide context to your audience with a customized name tag when you're presenting or recording with Prezi Video! It only takes seconds to add your name and job title to the bottom of the screen and even add a personalized background to it to represent your company or own brand in any video conference or recorded content. 

You should know: Features are released as Beta over some time to ensure that everything works optimally. Sometimes we remove elements from these features to further improve them based on user feedback. Though it is rare, we also reserve the option to pull a feature entirely out of the product, even if you, as a Prezi User, have had the opportunity to try it.


Adding a name tag in Prezi Video

1. With the Prezi Video desktop app or online editor open, click the three dots (...) at the top of the sidebar and select Widgets from the dropdown menu, then select Name tag to open the name tag sidebar. You can also access the widgets by selecting the icon next to the arrows at the bottom of the right sidebar. 


2. From the name tag sidebar, you can:

  • use the toggle to show or hide your name tag
  • add a first line with your name/your company's name
  • add a second line, like your job, location etc.
  • customize your name tag by changing the text color and adding a background image


3. Once you're done adding and customizing your name tag, simply click the arrow next to Name Tag on the top of the sidebar to return to adding and editing content.

Pro Tip: You can turn hide/unhide the name tag with the keyboard shortcut Option/Alt+N.

Customizing your name tag

1. With the name tag sidebar still open, click the icon next to Text color and use the color picker or RGB/HEX codes to update the text color in your name tag.

2. You can customize the look and feel of your name tag by uploading a custom background image that can contain your brand colors, your logo, or anything else you’d like to experiment with.

Click the icon next to Background image to upload a background image from your computer or to remove it if you already added one.

Please note: You can upload a background images in JPG or PNG format with transparent backgrounds for the best visual effect.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing/creating a background image for your name tag:

  • the ideal resolution for the background image is 1920x360 pixels
  • the text on the name tag could run until the middle of the video screen, keep this in mind when choosing a background with graphics that could interfere with the text and affect its readability
  • the left side of the text is 80 pixels from the edge and it's 60 pixels from the bottom which should also be considered when selecting a background image
Pro Tip: You can find a few examples for great looking background images here or you can use Prezi Design name tag templates to create your own.
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