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Adding and editing text

Text is an important way to display your ideas to your audience and highlight the important points of your presentation. While you may need to include an explanation, it’s best to keep your text short and succinct so your main ideas are clearly visible.

Prezi Next templates come preset with font families and colors for each theme to give a uniform look and feel.

Adding text

Since templates come with text boxes ready for you to edit, adding text is simple. Just click on a text box and start typing.

If you need to add more text boxes, click T+ in the context toolbar or go to Insert > Text. A text box will appear on your canvas. Just click in the box and start typing.

Adding text to your topics and subtopics

To add text to a topic or subtopic cover, simply click and drag a textbox into the cover area. From there, you can resize and edit the text box as needed.

For more information on editing topic and subtopic covers, check out this article.

Editing text

You can edit a text’s font, size, style, color, and alignment using the context toolbar. Simply click on the text to bring up editing options in the context toolbar. From here you can edit and customize your text.

To change font size

To change text size, click on its box to select it then drag a corner to enlarge or reduce it. You can also change text size using the “A-” and “A+” buttons in the context toolbar.

You can change the font using the preset Title, Subtitle, and Body fonts or by manually choosing a font, as pictured below. Please note that only one font can be used per text box.

Click the B to make your text bold and the I to make your text italicized.

Click the text color icon to open the color palette. You can use multiple colors in a single text box and add a customized color using its hexadecimal code or by selecting it from the color chooser.

You can choose a background color to your text. Please note that this color will appear translucent and will blend with the background color.

From the context toolbar, you can also add bullets to your text, align text, and change indentation.

To underline

Simply click on the arrow icon in the top toolbar to add a line. Then drag the line under the text. You can adjust the thickness of the line using the line editing tools in the context toolbar.

To rotate

Click on the text box to select it. Then hold down the ALTGr key (right ALT+CTRL) in Windows, or CMD for Mac, and drag one of the corners of the box up or down to turn it.

To delete a text box

To remove a text box from your canvas, click on it and press DELETE or BACKSPACE on your keyboard.

Editing shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts may help while editing your text in Prezi Next.

  • CTRL/CMD+A: select all
  • CTRL/CMD+C: copy
  • CTRL/CMD+X: cut
  • CTRL/CMD+V: paste
  • CTRL/CMD+Z: undo
  • CTRL/CMD+Y: redo
  • CTRL/ALT+BACKSPACE: delete text word by word
  • SHIFT+click: select multiple objects
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