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Using zoom in Prezi Present

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Prezi Present allows you to keep your presentation looking clean and visually appealing while giving a wow effect as you reveal details. Not only can you zoom in for more information, you can zoom out to give context while you tell your story.

Zoom reveal

Prezi Present incorporates zooming into the transitions, so your content is revealed with you in control. This means the first impression of your presentation is sleek and uncluttered so you know exactly where your client’s focus is.


Once you zoom in to start your presentation, your content is revealed as you tell your story. Your client is engaged in your story while your presentation gives visual support that will keep your words memorable.

Smart zoom

Sometimes you’ll want to zoom in on a detail in your presentation such as a graph or other object while presenting. Smart zoom makes this easy in Prezi Present. Simply click on the object or text you’d like to zoom to, and smart zoom will take you directly to that area. Click outside of the object (image, shape etc., not including topics and subptopics) or text, and you’ll zoom back out.


If your text or image is rotated, the canvas will automatically rotate for the smart zoom. Click outside of the object or text to zoom back out and continue on your path.


Adding zoom animation

Add animations to highlight specific areas, zoom in on a detail, or zoom back out to give an overall picture of the topic or subtopic. You can use zoom with objects, text, and any area on your presentation you want to highlight.

To access animations

1. Right-click (CTRL/CMD+click) on the canvas and select "Add animation" from the context menu or click the Insert button at the top of your screen, then select the Animation icon from the menu. 

2. You’ll see the Animations sidebar open on the right. 

3. From here you can add zoom area or zoom out to overview, topic, or subtopic/page. If you select an object on the canvas, you can also add a zoom to animation to it.

4. The animations you add will be added to the presentation path in the left sidebar where you can move, edit or delete them.  


Add zoom area

Click Add zoom area and a rectangle will appear. Resize it and place it to fit the area you’d like to include in the zoom.

This area can be adjusted at any time.


Zoom out to overview, topic, or subtopic

Context is important to a good presentation. Sometimes your audience can get lost in the details and lose the bigger picture. To avoid this, try adding a zoom out to the overview, topic, or subtopic.

Note: You need to have a zoom to/zoom area already added to your presentation before you can add a zoom out animation.

You can also add default animations to all of your topics and subtopics in the path settings. To learn more, please check this article

Reviewing your animations

You can play your animations in the sidebar to see how they’ll appear during your presentation. Just hover over the position you’d like to start your review from and click the play button.

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