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Editing topic and subtopic covers in Prezi Present

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Want to create presentations with stunning visuals that captivate your audience and reinforce your narrative? Prezi Present has you covered. Customize your topic and subtopic covers to include images, text, and shapes that complement your message and connect your great ideas. Objects within covers can appear both inside and outside of the topic or subtopic while zooming into your canvas. This means you can create visual continuity when navigating through your presentation’s structure to create a more dramatic zoom reveal when presenting.

Note: You can learn how to add, delete, and reorder topics and subtopics with this article.

Topic and subtopic covers

Prezi Present templates come designed with topics and subtopics that have a preset shape and color scheme. Topics appear on the overview and can contain subtopics that reveal when zooming deeper into your structure. Topic and subtopic covers are the customizable layer of text and visuals that hide the content within them.

Note: Only planet and stack covers can be edited. The pages within a stack don’t have covers.

Elements of topic and subtopic covers

Cover area

Each topic and subtopic is surrounded by an adjustable cover area that increases (or decreases) depending on the size and position of objects within it. Anything within this area is part of your topic cover.

Zoom area

The cover zoom area is the focal point of what your audience will see when entering a topic or subtopic. Content within the zoom area can be set to remain visible or fade away when zooming in or out of the topic.

The zoom area can be edited by right-clicking (CMD/CTRL+click) directly on a side of the rectangle, and selecting Advanced topic editing... You can then move and resize the zoom area as needed.


Note: The zoom area only appears if an object in your cover is made visible inside and outside of the topic cover.



Objects within your cover can include images, text, and shapes.

Did you know? You can change the shape of all your topics and subtopics with just a few clicks. To learn more, please check our article on changing the shape of topics and subtopics.


Adding objects to covers

To add an object to your cover, simply right-click (CMD/Ctrl+click) and select Advanced topic editing... You can then insert the object from the top toolbar into the cover area.

Pro Tip: Need to insert an object to add it to a cover? Check out our other articles to learn all about adding images, text, and shapes.


Editing objects within covers

  1. Click on a topic or subtopic to select it.
  2. Right-click (CMD/CTRL+click) and select Advanced topic editing... from the context menu.
  3. From here, you can move, resize, delete, or rotate objects within it.
Pro Tip: Can’t select an object? That’s because it’s hiding behind another one. Right-click (CMD/CTRL+click) and select Bring to front or Send to back to layer objects.

To move

Click to select an object. Then, drag and drop it to a new position.

Note: Moving an object outside the topic cover area will remove it from the cover.

To resize

Click to select an object. Then, drag a corner to adjust the size.

To rotate

Click to select an object. Then, press and hold the ALTGr key (right ALT+CTRL) in Windows, or CMD for Mac, and drag one of the corners of the box up or down to turn it.

To delete

Click to select an object. Then, press BACKSPACE/DELETE on your keyboard or right-click (CTRL/CMD+click) and select “delete” from the context menu.


Making objects visible inside and outside

You can choose if an object on your cover remains visible, or fades away, when zooming into topics and subtopics when presenting.

  1. Click on a topic or subtopic to select it.
  2. Right-click (CMD/CTRL+click) and select Advanced topic editing... from the context menu.
  3. Select Make it visible inside and outside.

You will see a message marking objects that are made visible inside and outside. When presenting, these objects will remain visible to create visual continuity within your structure.

Pro Tip: You can also select objects contained within a planet topic or subtopic to be visible both inside and outside.


Removing inside and outside visibility

To remove an object from being visible both inside and out, simply right-click (CMD/CTRL+click) and select Make visible inside/outside only.

Adjusting topic and subtopic size

You can adjust the size by clicking on a topic and dragging one of the corners in or out.

Editing the zoom area

To edit the topic zoom area:

1. Right-click (CMD/CTRL+click) directly on one of the sides (lines) of the rectangular zoom area.

2. Select Edit topic zoom area.

3. Drag and drop the zoom area to move it, or click+drag a corner to resize it.

4. Click anywhere outside the zoom area when finished editing.


Rotating a topic or subtopic

Click on a topic or subtopic to select it, then hold the ALTGr key (CMD in Mac) and drag a corner to rotate.


Deleting topics, subtopics, and pages

You can delete a topic, subtopic, or page by selecting it in the left sidebar and pressing BACKSPACE/DELETE on your keyboard, or by using right-click (CTRL/CMD+click) and selecting “delete” from the context menu.

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