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# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

Cropping images in Prezi Present

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You already found the right visual that will help you convey the message of your presentation, but somehow it still doesn’t fit. Luckily you can now crop your images within Prezi so they match your structure and layout perfectly with the help of the built-in image editor.


Cropping from the canvas (masking)

After adding an image to the canvas, click the Crop image icon in the context toolbar, then grab the image by one of its corners and resize it until it fits the frame to mask the rest of the picture. You can also click+drag the frame into position on your image. If you click inside the crop frame, you can also modify its aspect ratio and crop the image to the desired proportion. When clicking the arrow next to the icon, you can also select one of the cropping presets and add it to your image.


Cropping an image from the image editor

After adding your image to the canvas, click to select your image and either:

  • right-click on it and choose the Advanced image editing option from the pop-up menu 
  • select Advanced image editing in the top toolbar to launch the built-in image editor.*

*Paid feature: The image editor is available for users with a Standard or higher Prezi plan. Luckily it’s a breeze to upgrade your license and get access to this and all the other great features our Prezi plans have to offer.


Crop presets

In the image editor, choose the Transform icon in the left sidebar. You can either use the crop presets to make your image square, 4:3,16:9 or fitting for Facebook covers and posts.

Pro Tip: 16:9 is the aspect ratio of Prezi presentations so this option is useful if you want to use a separate background image for your stack topic or subtopic.

Click on the highlighted area on the image to move it and find the part of the image you would like to use.

Custom cropping

Drag any of the four white handlebars at the corners of the image to crop it and then move the highlighted area. You can also set the pixel-based width and length in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Rotating and mirroring

Use the icons under the image to mirror and rotate your image by 90° or click the 0° icon in the middle and drag the cursor along the dotted line to rotate the image. (You can also rotate your image later on outside of the image editor).


Use the Reset Default button if you change your mind or would like to start from the beginning. Once the image is good to go, click the Update button in the top right corner and you have your customized, perfectly fitting visual!


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