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Grouping your content in Prezi Present

Grouping content while editing your presentation will make it easier to modify multiple objects on the canvas at once, saving you valuable time while creating your masterpiece.


Grouping objects

1. Select the objects (text, images, videos, shapes, icons, etc.) you want to keep together (by holding down the Shift key+clicking on the items or dragging the mouse to select the area with all the content you would like to add to the group).

2. The Group button becomes active in the top toolbar. Clicking this button groups the selected objects together.

This means that if you select any of the grouped objects later on, all the other objects included in the group can be moved, scaled, and rotated together.

Pro Tip: You can also group by right-clicking (CMD/CTRL+click) and choosing "Group" from the context menu or by using the CMD/CTRL+G keyboard shortcut.


Editing an object within the group

If you want to edit a single object, click on the group and then select the object with a second click. Now you can make changes to it without modifying anything else in the group itself.

Did you know: If text boxes are grouped together, you can also use all the text editing features (change font, color, text’s background color etc.) simultaneously on all of them.


Ungrouping objects

To ungroup, first select the group, and then click the Ungroup button in the top toolbar.

Pro Tip: You can also ungroup the selected objects by right-clicking (CMD/CTRL+click) and choosing "Ungroup" from the context menu or by using the CMD/CTRL+Shift+G keyboard shortcut.


Adding objects to a group and merging groups

If you select an existing group together with other objects (or groups of objects) and then click the Group button, it will be merged into the new group.

Animating groups

1. Select the group where you’d like to add the animation.

2. Right-click (CTRL/CMD+click) and select "Add animation" from the context menu or click the Insert button at the top of your screen, then select the Animation icon in the bottom right corner.

3. Click + and select the fade-in or fade-out animation to add it to the group. You’ll see a preview of the animation before it appears in the sidebar. 

4. To add additional animations, click + again.

When a group is removed (either by ungrouping or creating a new one by grouping it together with other objects), the respective animations will be removed.

The animation will not be removed if it was added only to an individual object within the group or if the object was animated with another element outside the group.

Note: The Zoom to animation cannot be added to a group.


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