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# We are currently experiencing technical issues with Prezi. Please click here for real-time status reports and affected components.

How to reuse a video in Prezi Video

Even if you already have the concept for your next Prezi Video, maybe even a script prepared, the right structure and design are crucial to make the final outcome one of a kind and memorable. Get inspired by other Prezi Video users’ work and make a reusable video your own by adding your own content and your own face to it!


Did you know? Videos can either be set as unlisted or public. All public videos are reusable too by default. Users with a free Basic license can create one unlisted video, all further videos will be public and reusable by default. If you would like the option to create unlimited unlisted videos, please check this article to learn more about our subscription plans.

Reusing a video from the explore page

You can browse through our video gallery from your Prezi Video dashboard to find reusable videos created by other users in the online editor. Click the Play button to watch the videos and once you find a video you'd like to make your own, click the Re-use content icon under the video window to open the editor with the content already added to your video.


Reusing a video from its public view page

If you come across a video on the internet that you'd like to reuse, just open its view page and use the reuse icon to open the Prezi Video online editor with the content of the video already added. 

Note: You might need to log in to your account first to reuse the video if you are logged out and/or browsing in an incognito window.


Reusing your own video and sharing it as a template

You can also reuse any video you recorded from your Prezi Video dashboard. Click the three dots in the video thumbnail and choose Reuse. The editor will load with all assets added to your video and you can easily record a different version with the same content (or modify/extend the content before recording). 


If you'd like to share your video content as a template for others to reuse, simply create a quick recording, make it public and reusable in the privacy settings and share the video as a link. This way anyone you share the link with can record their own video reusing your content from the video's public view page.

Pro Tip: If you plan to reuse the content of your video recorded in the desktop app, don't forget to save your project before closing Prezi Video.
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