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# Due to high demand, you may experience longer response times.

3 ways to create a video using Prezi Video

You’ve got something to say, and now there’s a better way to say it! Prezi Video is the only video creation tool that puts you right alongside your graphics as you live stream or record, for a seamless, personalized experience that keeps viewers hooked. Here are three ways you can get started with this brand new tool.


Get inspired by our reusable videos, and make your own copy

All artists search for inspiration in other creatives’ works. Even if you already have the concept for your next Prezi Video, maybe even a script prepared, the right structure and design are crucial to make the final outcome one of a kind and memorable. Get inspired by other Prezi Video users’ work and make a reusable video your own by adding your own style and face to it!


Check this article to learn how to reuse a video.

Convert an existing presentation into a video

You already have a killer Prezi Present presentation or a PPT deck but you want to make it even more engaging? Turn it into a Prezi Video so your audience can see your content with you on-screen for a seamless, more natural experience.


Click here to learn how to turn a presentation into a video.

Start from scratch

You have a story to tell or some ideas to share, why not transform them into a video presentation? Creating a Prezi Video takes as little as an hour and the end product will definitely make a lasting impression on your audience.


Check this article to learn about creating a video in the online app.

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