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Setting the layout and alignment of your content in Prezi Present

Bring some feng shui to your presentation and organize your visuals on the canvas in a way that it’s pleasing for the eye and for the soul. With our alignment tool, it only takes a few quick clicks to make your content more organized. 

Aligning objects

1. Select the objects (text, images, videos, shapes, icons, topics, etc.) you want to align by holding down the Shift key + clicking on the items or by dragging the mouse to select the area with all the content you would like to align.

2. The Align button will appear in the context toolbar. 

3. Click the arrow to open the dropdown menu and select the alignment option you’d like to use. 


With the text-, object-, and rotation-snapping, you can easily align your objects manually as well. Just watch out for the orange guides to align your content with laser-precision.


Content layouts 

You can also select one of the pre-made content layouts to organize your content within topics or subtopics. 

Pro Tip: To learn more about content layouts, check this article.



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