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Turning a presentation into a video

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Want to take your presentation to the next level? Then turn it into a video so you and your content are both visible on the same screen. Prezi will automatically remove the background of your presentation, putting you right next to your visuals so you can tell your story in an even more memorable and engaging way. You can then make a recording of your video or even stream it live.

Turning your presentation into a video

Once you are done with adding content (text, images, icons, charts, etc.) and structuring your presentation, click on the Create video button in the top toolbar to open the "Prezi Video" sidebar, then choose the option to appear next to your content from the popup window.


Want to learn more about Prezi Video? Check our dedicated Prezi Video knowledge base to get familiar with the tool.


Allow camera access

To start creating a video, allow camera access to Prezi. You can use a built-in camera or connect an external camera for higher resolution.

Once you allow camera access, you'll see the background of your presentation removed and replaced by you. Hi!

Having camera issues? Check out this article for troubleshooting tips.

Adjust your content

Since your face should also be visible alongside your content, you might need to rearrange objects on your canvas so nothing covers you while presenting. Use the Adjust content button in the sidebar to automatically shift the layout of the presentation to the right or drag and drop to manually move objects. 

You can still add, delete or modify your content the same way as if you were editing any Prezi presentation and can also freeze or turn off the camera anytime. We’ll make a copy of your presentation after adjusting the layout, so this version will be specifically for recording your video. You will still be able to edit and present the presentation in its original format as well. 



Take a deep breath and run through your presentation a few times to get the feel of how it will look. Then, hit record to start your first take. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right on the first try, you can go through the presentation as many times as you want to get in the groove and get ready for the camera to roll.

Record or go live

It’s showtime! You can either record a video and save it as a .mp4 file to share or send it later or stream it live through the Prezi Video desktop app to present it in real time.

Record video

You will be redirected to the Prezi Video online editor where you can record your video and export it as an .mp4 file.

Use the three icons at the bottom left to switch between different views (only you on the screen, you and your content on the screen, only your content on the screen - you can also use the 1, 2 and 3 keys accordingly to switch) and the arrows on the right to move to the next/previous slide + the Home and Back buttons on the right side of the video window to return to the overview or to the previous level of the presentation. You'll also see the preview of the upcoming slide in the right sidebar.

If necessary, you can pause your recording by clicking the red button under the video window and resume by clicking the same button again. When you're finished, click the Done recording button and your video will start processing. 

You can discard your recording and give it another go as many times as you wish until you are happy with the result. You can also trim your video to remove any unnecessary footage from the beginning and the end.


Once your video is processed, give it a catchy title, add some hashtags and adjust the privacy settings. Your video will be available on your Prezi Video dashboard but you can also download it to your computer directly from this page.

Go live

You already know how to live stream your Prezi presentation, but if you want to make your remote meetings and webinars even more memorable, you can present your content in real-time while being there next to it on the screen, explaining the details.

If you choose to go live, you will need to download and open the Prezi Video desktop application. Read this article to learn more about installing the app and go here to see the different streaming options with Prezi Video.

With the desktop application, you can also import your existing Prezi presentations and record a video in 1080p resolution, without the 15-minute time limit.*

*Paid feature: Recording high-resolution videos without a time limit is available for users with a Plus or higher license. To learn more about licensing options in Prezi Video, please check this article.


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