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Syncing your videos from the Prezi Video desktop app to your online dashboard

Have a killer Prezi presentation or PPT deck you want to turn into a video? Want to record in full HD without a limitation for the length of your video? Look no further: the Prezi Video desktop application will cater to all your needs. What's more, you can easily sync the videos recorded in the app to your Prezi Video online dashboard so you can keep all your content in one place and share your videos as a link. 

Syncing your video from the Prezi Video desktop application

When you are done with recording and trimming your video in the app, click the Export button to process your recording. Here, you will have the option to either export your video as an .mp4 to your computer or upload the video to your Prezi account. If you choose your Prezi account, you can access it from your Prezi Video dashboard and share it with a link later on. 

Before syncing your video to the website, you need to determine whether your video is going to be public+reusable or unlisted. You can also add a description and some tags to your video that you can update any time from the video's admin page, once it is synced to the website. 

You will then immediately have a link generated that you can share with others to view your video, whether you made it public or unlisted. 


With an unlisted video, only people you share the link with can view it and they cannot reuse your content, while public videos are available for everyone to see and reuse from our video gallery page and via search engines. 

Pro Tip: For more detailed information on setting privacy in Prezi Video, please check this article.

Once the syncing is completed, you will be able to access your video from your Prezi Video online dashboard where you can share or reuse it any time. 


Pro Tip: Check our dedicated Prezi Video knowledge base for more tutorial articles and tips!
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