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Importing a PowerPoint presentation to Prezi Video

You already have a killer PowerPoint deck, but you want to make it even more engaging? Turn it into a video with Prezi Video and give your PPT slides a new life or present them live in a video call with the slides being displayed right next to you. Your audience will be able to see your content with you on-screen, resulting in a more natural and seamless experience.

You should know: While you are able to import your PowerPoint slides both in the online editor and the desktop application, recording in full HD or going live in a video call are only possible from the Prezi Video desktop application.

Importing your PowerPoint slides into Prezi Video

1. With the Prezi Video app or the online editor open, click the Import button in the side panel, then look for your file on your computer or in your cloud storage.

You should know: You can also return to the Import sidebar from the dropdown menu in the top left corner of the online editor and under File > Import... in the top toolbar of the desktop app.


2. Choose to import one slide, or select multiple slides at once and then choose Import selected. If you want to use all of your slides, simply click Import all.

Please note: When using the online editor, all the slides are imported by default. If necessary, you can remove the unnecessary slides later on.


Pro Tip: The conversion of PowerPoint slides may take up to a few minutes. In order to reduce waiting time, please follow these best practices when importing a PPT presentation.

3. You’ll see them appear in the side panel added to your video slides as visuals.

Changing the template

1. Once your slides load, you can select a different template for your video, click the three dots at the top of the side panel, select Choose Template from the dropdown menu and browse our collection of designer templates.
2. Simply click the one you'd like to use and you'll see it update in the video feed.
3. Prezi team users also have access to a variety of branded templates set up by the team admin via the brand kit. Click the arrow next to the dropdown at the top and select the brand kit you'd like to use, then browse the selection of branded templates there. 

4. If you'd prefer to display your content on the other side of the screen, use the toggle next to Flip content horizontally. You can can back to this sidebar and switch back to the default layout any time. 

5. Click the arrow next to Choose template to return to editing your slides.


Adding and editing content

1. You can now customize your slides. As your PowerPoint slides are imported as visuals, you can still add text to your visuals by clicking the T icon in the slide thumbnail and typing in the text box.

You should know: There is a limitation of adding one picture (JPEG or PNG format or converted from Google Slides or PowerPoint slides) but you can still add text next to your converted slides or add visuals to new, empty slides.

2. If you want, you can replace your slide to a different visual by clicking the image icon in the thumbnail and uploading one from your computer or your cloud storage or by looking for one in our image, icon, GIF and sticker library with the search bar.

Did you know? You can also add short clips to your video and play them with sound while recording or presenting.


Pro Tip: If your fonts look different on your imported slides, make sure to embed custom fonts in Powerpoint and import them again. You can do so by going to Preferences and ticking the box next to Embed fonts in the file.

Adding, removing and rearranging slides

1. You can add further slides by clicking the + icon in the side panel. 
2. To remove a slide, click the three dots in its thumbnail and select Delete.
3. You can also add a new slide or duplicate your slide from this menu. 
4. To rearrange your slides, simply click and drag them in the side panel.

Adding presenter notes 

1. To display, add and edit your presenter notes, first go to the View icon on the top of the screen and select Show presenter notes. 
2. Type in your notes and select a text size that is comfortable for you to read from the screen in the text box above the video feed.
3. To add notes to a different slide, simply select it from the side panel and add your notes there.
4. To remove your presenter notes from a given slide, simply delete your text from the presenter notes window. 


Pro Tip: When presenting imported slides with Prezi Video, make sure to try using the transparent view mode for an even more immersive experience.


You are now ready to present your PowerPoint slides in a video call or record your video. Let the cameras roll!

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